We are happy to be working with Motherland Herb School and Botanical Sanctuary. They have grown some medicinal food seeds for the catalog including Calendula, Spilanthes, Burdock and possibly some others including an exclusive Poppy.

Motherland is 160 acres of steep, rugged, beautiful land located in the hills northeast of Willits in Mendocino County, California.

Because of the elevation changes of the steep terrain, a southern orientation and a creek running through the canyon, there are many ecosystems on the Land and surrounding it. The habitats include chaparral, mixed conifer forest, hardwood forest, oak woodlands, grassland, meadow, riparian and pond. This creates a wide variety of animal and bird life, plus edible and medicinal plants and trees.

There are two large cultivated gardens. The Food Garden is a mixture of food crops, fruit trees, flowers and herbs. The Herb Garden has over 250 species of herbs and trees.

We are off-grid at Motherland, with electricity generated by solar power. Some unique features are: a cobb bench in progress, a wood fired hot tub, shrines to the four directions and a living willow wall used for erosion along the creek.

Since 1989 classes, retreats, workshops and other events have been offered here, with a focus on herbology and sustainable rural living. For 20 years a 9 month Herbal Apprentice Class for women educated close to 400 students about local, sustainable, regenerative herbalism. That theme continues to be the central focus: What can we easily grow in our gardens or sustainably harvest in the wild, and how we can use these for most of our everyday medicinal needs.

Checkout Motherland's Website for more info and contact details.