Sunflower autumn

Urban gardening is just like country gardening but with less available animal bi-products.

Create your own worm compost and soon you will see how amazing worm castings are and you will be collecting food for your worms as they make fertilizer for your soil.

The key to urban gardening is usually found in space management and the timing of your succession plantings.

Plant tight and fill spaces with beneficial flowers. We find that if you feed the frogs they will hang around and they happen to eat your pests. Frogs like beneficial plants and water areas.

Row covers and shade covers to mitigate frosts and scorching summer burns are really beneficial to plump harvests.

we have great success in starting some seeds direct sown. Beans and roots, melons and cucumbers, Corn!

Start your seeds in a sunny window.

Make use of full sun windows in your house or work place. You can start your seeds where you spend most your time.