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Watermelon christmas img 0517
Christmas Ice Cream Watermelon

Watermelon christmas img 0517

Delicious, crisp, juicy melon is famous for its keeping ability, storing easily into the winter. A rare icebox-sized watermelon with terrific flavor, texture...

Desert king watermelon img 1086

Almost out for 2021

Delicious Drought tolerant Sweet Yellow Flesh

Farmer Grown by Emerald Spirit Botanicals in inland Mendocino County, California

Melon eel river img 0333

Northern California heirloom melon.

Luscious, very sweet rich peachy flavor and juicy, melting flesh. A Japanese heirloom variety crossed with a musk mel...


Sold Out for 2021

Farmer grown by: Hobbs Family Farm, Avondale, CO