All our varieties will perform great dry farmed!

These varieties have been grown and bred in a dry farmed environment and tested to perform and taste amazing with no irrigation.

Popular This Season:
Squash stella blue dsc00514
Stella Blue Squash

Tomato brandywine cherry dryfarm

BACK In Stock Now! for 2020

Tons of small early Brandywines

This unassuming little tomato packs a surprising punch of deliciousness!

> Brand...

Watermelon christmas img 0517

Delicious, crisp, juicy melon is famous for its keeping ability, storing easily into the winter. A rare icebox-sized watermelon with terrific flavor, texture...

Dark star zucchini+00000078


this is our favorite and will have more for 2022.

A dark green, straight, glossy, faceted, delicious zuke with an open plant habi...

Melon eel river img 0333

Northern California heirloom melon.

Luscious, very sweet rich peachy flavor and juicy, melting flesh. A Japanese heirloom variety crossed with a musk mel...

Cucumber green finger img 1713

This is a fine Open Pollinated Persian cucumber that is ideal for organic market growers or home gardeners. It has very thin, dark green skin, and the cris...

Lemon cucumber 9961598 large

Reliable, well-loved heirloom from the 1890’s.

Oval to round, apple-sized, yellow fruits are succulent and sweet with thin, tender skins. Best eaten fres...

Bean bush img 6058

Fresh Snap eating in 55 days then continues to a delicious dry bean.

A determinate green snap bean, relatively early-maturing, with very long, straight po...

Pepper pimiento img 2899

Crispy Sweet - perfect Raw or Roasted

> Here is a sweet pepper whose time has come! We won't beat around the bush. We've tasted a lot of peppers, and...

Squash stella blue dsc00514

We love this food.

A medium-sized (2-4 lb), round, flattened Kabocha/Hokkaido type winter squash with an attractive slate blue skin. The rich orange ...