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Bean pole img 8918
Italian Pole Snap Bean 


Meaty tasting mix of small black, brown, tan and gold beans.

Extremely productive and easy to thresh, originally bred by Carol Deppe in Washington for ea...

Bean pole img 8918

Beloved heirloom white-seeded, Romano-type bean, almost unknown in the marketplace.

It bears many exceptionally sweet and tender 7-8” flat, meaty pods. V...

Bean bush img 6058

Fresh Snap eating in 55 days then continues to a delicious dry bean.

A determinate green snap bean, relatively early-maturing, with very long, straight po...

Fava lorane img 8116

An Open Pollinating breeding breakthrough!

Growers have long hoped for an edible harvest from their cover crop. Now we have one.

This 'bell bean' ty...