Mill Creek Onion

Large sweet heirloom Red Onion

Bolt resistant and very long keeping. Trials show great taste planted both spring and fall. Intermediate day-length.

Local Mendocino County Heirloom now grown at Golden Rule Garden in Willits California

Germination days: 12
Grow days: 115
Place of origin: Northern California
Planting depth: 0.25"
Spacing: 4.0"
Seeds per pound: 112000
Seeds per Ounce: 7000
When to plant: Spring, Fall
How to grow: Start seeds in flats early in the season; typically at least 2 months before last frost. Transplant seedlings 4" apart. Will grow best in a fairly rich, light loam with plenty of organic matter (compost, etc). Soil must be kept moist and keep well-weeded. This onion grows to a large size. Matures in about 14-17 weeks. When tops start to yellow, cease watering. Harvest when tops are dead, and cure in a shady airy place for 2 weeks before storing.
170 True Breeding Seeds
1700 True Breeding Seeds
3500 True Breeding Seeds