Beefy Resilient Grex Bean


Meaty tasting mix of small black, brown, tan and gold beans.

Extremely productive and easy to thresh, originally bred by Carol Deppe in Washington for early harvest and climate adaptability.

Drought tolerant, high yielding, resilient and tasty bean.

Excellent breeding stock for saving your own seed for years to come.

Grown by Resilient Seeds in Oregon

Germination days: 12
Grow days: 75
Place of origin: Oregon USA
Breeder: Carol Deppe
Variety Info: Phenomenally productive bean that matures well in cooler areas. Cooks quickly, with delicious meaty, beefy flavor. Easy to thresh. Beautiful mix of small black, brown, tan, gold, and speckled beans on short vines. Traditionally bred by Carol Deppe from a cross between Black Mitla tepary (P. acutifolius) and Gaucho common bean (P. vulgaris). Selected in Western Washington for early maturity.The drought tolerance and disease resistance of the tepary bean and the higher yields of the common bean combine to make this excellent material to select from for your own conditions. (A grex is “a variable interbreeding population of plants derived from a cross,” and has more diversity than a regular variety.) Carol did not select for uniformity, but left in the different shades and variations so that the beans would be more adaptable (resilient) to stresses and variations of weather, soil, and and disease.
Planting depth: 1.0"
Spacing: 6.0"
Seeds per pound: 1600
Seeds per Ounce: 100
When to plant: Late Spring, Summer
How to grow: Plant 6" apart in well composted soil after all danger of frost is past and soil has warmed to 60-70 degrees. Inoculant will increase yields if beans or peas have not been grown in that spot recently. Should have PH 6 or above. . Keep well weeded or mulched avoid damaging the roots with hoe or cultivator. Ready to harvest when pods are dry and beans hardly dent when bitten
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