Bean pole img 8918
Bean pole img 8918
Italian Pole Snap Bean 

Sold out for 2019

No more of this one for this year. We will be planting extra this season for the 2020 season. Thanks!

Beloved heirloom white-seeded, Romano-type bean, almost unknown in the marketplace.

It bears many exceptionally sweet and tender 7-8” flat, meaty pods. Vines grow to 8-10’ and require trellising. Excellent way to maximize yields in a limited space.

60-70 days to fresh snap stage then continues on to produce the best tasting small white beans!

Dry Farmed on the Eel River by Bill Reynolds in Hulmboldt County California.
Germination days: 7
Grow days: 65
Breeder: Heirloom ReSelected by Bill Reynolds
Planting depth: 1.0"
Spacing: 6.0"
Seeds per pound: 960
Seeds per Ounce: 60
When to plant: Late Winter, Early Spring
How to grow: Plant as early as the soil can be worked, or in fall in mild-winter climates. Sow 4" apart and ½" deep. Don't let soil dry out. Compost, bone meal, or other nutrients can be added at planting time for a good start. For faster sprouting and highest yield, soak seeds before planting & use garden combo inoculant. Vines to 10 feet will need trellises or strings to climb. Keep peas picked so more will form.
60 True Breeding Seeds
720 True Breeding Seeds