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Bean bush img 6058
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OS Blues Bush Snap Bean

Fresh Snap eating in 55 days then continues to a delicious dry bean.

A determinate green snap bean, relatively early-maturing, with very long, straight pods that are exceptionally tender and sweet. This variety was developed at Oregon State by vegetable plant breeder Jim Myers, particularly for the fresh market grower. The 4" pods maintain good eating quality for a long period on the plant, allowing for a wide picking window. 55 days to fresh snap stage. OS Blues is a heavy producer of tender pods with unsurpassed staying power. This refined, high-yielding bush bean has great tenderness and rich flavor. This is the bean that our 101-year-old mother found especially delicious. Even at a larger size, when any other bean would be woody and tough, this one is still delightfully crisp and yummy.

Dry Farmed on the Eel River by Bill Reynolds in Hulmboldt County California.

Farmer Bill decided it was so far superior to the other Blue Lake variety he'd been growing that he plowed in the entire crop of the loser, rather than sell an inferior bean when he could offer this one! -Steve Peters

Germination days: 7
Grow days: 55
Breeder: Jim Myers @ Oregon State
Planting depth: 1.0"
Spacing: 6.0"
Seeds per pound: 1872
Seeds per Ounce: 117
When to plant: Late Winter, Early Spring
How to grow: Plant as early as the soil can be worked, or in fall in mild-winter climates. Sow 4" apart and ½" deep. Don't let soil dry out. Compost, bone meal, or other nutrients can be added at planting time for a good start. For faster sprouting and highest yield, soak seeds before planting & use garden combo inoculant. Keep peas picked so more will form.
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