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Broccoli steves img 5274
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Steve's Select Tender Early Green Broccoli

Grown for the tender stems, this early broccoli produces abundant side shoots all season long.

The stems are especially tender and delicious and require no peeling.

This selection of Early Green is a proven performer in a wide range of climates, from Arizona’s desert to California’s coast to Maine’s forests. The central head averages about 4” across, and is followed by a succession of side shoots, produced up until frost. Excellent for home or market. Highly recommended! Re-selected by Steve Peters at Fifth Crow Farm on the central California coast.

Grown by: Steve Peters and Fifth Crow Farm in Pescadero California
Germination days: 7
Grow days: 65
Place of origin: California
Breeder: Steve Peters
Planting depth: 0.25"
Spacing: 15.0"
Seeds per pound: 113600
Seeds per Ounce: 7100
When to plant: Early Spring, Early Fall
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