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Cabbage columbia img 4188
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Columbia Cabbage


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Very dense, crisp, juicy heads of 5-5 1/2"diameter. Sweet, mild flavor.

Best for summer-fall fresh market use. Pest resistant vigorous plants produce dependable high quality yields.

Columbia is a particularly attractive cabbage, with firm round heads, many of which present an appealing rose blush. Columbia heads are perfectly spherical, and weigh in at 1 1/2 to nearly 3 lbs. It was a favorite in our tasting trial, crisp and juicy, with a mild sweetness and no peppery aftertaste. Columbia is one of the best of the green OP varieties. It is very solid and hard; a sure winner in a trial of over a dozen varieties grown, it was as good or better than the green hybrids trialed. This fine cabbage is the result of long-time organic produce and seed grower Nash Huber's efforts at his farm on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. It is a modern OP in the public domain. -Steve Peters

Grown by: Nash Huber and Nash's Organic Produce in Sequim Washington
Germination days: 9
Grow days: 82
Planting depth: 0.5"
Spacing: 15.0"
Seeds per pound: 112000
Seeds per Ounce: 7000
When to plant: Late Spring, Early Summer, Fall
How to grow: Start seeds in flats or pots. Transplant seedlings 15" apart, a little deeper than in the flats-soil should come almost to the first leaves. Matures in 12-14 weeks from transplant. Cabbages need even moisture, high fertility, and plenty of calcium to grow well and head up, so dig in plenty of compost, lime if necessary, and mulch after plants are established if soil is sandy and doesn't retain moisture. Plant in spring or fall; this variety is heat-resistant
harvest_pounds_per_plant: 2.25
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