Spinach bloomsdale
Spinach bloomsdale
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Winter Bloomsdale Spinach


We sold it all and cant get any more this season.

This old favorite full-savoyed type has dark-green, thick, succulent, flavorful leaves.

Compared with the heirloom standard Long Standing Bloomsdale, it is slower growing and slower bolting to seed as long as conditions remain relatively cool (<75° F). It is well suited for growing over-winter, as it stands up to severe conditions. It may also be grown in early spring for early summer harvest, and in the fall for early winter harvest. A favorite of both gardeners and chefs.

Grown by: Nash Huber and Nash's Organic Produce in Sequim Washington
Germination days: 14
Grow days: 47
Breeder: Heirloom
Planting depth: 0.5"
Spacing: 6.0"
Seeds per pound: 34880
Seeds per Ounce: 2180
When to plant: Spring, Early Summer, Fall
How to grow: Soaking seeds for 4-6 hours speeds germination. Best planted in succession. Direct-sow or start in flats and transplant 6" apart into moist, non-acid garden soil. Over 85 degrees F, start in pots in a cool place. Spade in some compost; needs plenty of nitrogen available. Does not like heat; plant early and use shadecloth if necessary. Also plant late summer for fall and up to frost for early spring crop. Keep plants watered and weeded. Harvest whole plant or trim leaves.
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