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Little Giant Sweet Corn

SOLD OUT for 2019

We are sold out for this year. Check back for updates on next years plans for the corn.

Super early Yummy Sweet Corn!

Shorter plants produce big juicy ears that the kiddos love to eat right off the 3 to 4 foot tall plants.

Grown by: Fruitilicious Farm in California
Germination days: 8
Grow days: 55
Planting depth: 1.5"
Spacing: 15.0"
Seeds per pound: 3040
Seeds per Ounce: 190
When to plant: Spring, Early Summer, Summer
How to grow: Plant in early spring 2 weeks after the last frost, through mid-summer. Good drainage and full sun are important. Corn is a greedy feeder - fertilize well. Plant in blocks of at least 5' on a side for good pollination. Mulch or a companion crop of beans is good for yield and soil. Short stalks mature quickly, so watch carefully and harvest as soon as juice from kernels turns milky.
80 True Breeding Seeds
320 True Breeding Seeds
640 True Breeding Seeds