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Tree Collards

Delicious and Nutritious Purple Tree Collard Cuttings

Purple Tree Collards are a hardy perennial plant in the brassica family, like kale and broccoli.

They can grow for many years and are vigorous and easy to grow. The plants produce an abundance of tasty leaves that can be steamed, stir fried or in soup, eaten raw in salads, made into wraps or chips, or blended for your green drink. Sweeter than Kale Try tree collards.

What is the most delicious and nutritious green vegetable that you may have never seen or heard of? PURPLE TREE COLLARDS. And why haven’t you heard of them? Because they very rarely flower, and when they do, the seeds that they produce will not usually produce a plant that is like the parent. So how do you get some plants? Plants are not readily available, so to grow your own you need to start from cuttings of existing plants. The easiest way is to order them from Sundial Seed Company.

Be the first one in your neighborhood to grow Purple Tree Collards. Be the first CSA or Farmers Market Vendor in your area to provide Purple Tree Collards

Great to eat any time and especially sweet and purple as the weather cools in fall and winter.

Tree Collards plants are hardy to 100 degrees and down to 20 degrees. They are a must-have vegetable for people who live in a mild climate. It is a little trickier, but not impossible, to grow them where it is colder than that in the winter.

For more information about Tree Collards, check out this video on youtube.

Sundial Seed Company has a great supply of cuttings right now of the highest quality. It is a perfect time to start growing your own Purple Tree Collards. The best time to plant Tree Collards is a year ago, or TODAY.

Farmer Profile

These tree collards are grown in Willits in Northern California by Richard Tootreese Jeske. Richard has been growing tree collards at his home for over 30 years and previously provided cuttings for Bountiful Gardens Seed Company.

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