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Juwarot Carrot Market Size
Germination days: 12
Grow days: 70
Planting depth: 0.25"
Spacing: 3.0"
Seeds per pound: 320000
Seeds per Ounce: 20000
When to plant: Early Spring to Mid Summer and again in the fall
How to grow: Sow seed 3" apart or broadcast carefully in deep, well prepared bed for long, well shaped roots. Avoid fresh or green manure or excess nitrogen which causes hairy, forked roots. Cover the seed lightly with soil. Do not allow the soil to dry out or crust; it helps to put shadecloth or burlap over the bed, checking daily until seedlings come up and then remove the covering. Germination can be slow; presoaking in warm water can help. Thin when tops are 2" high if necessary, or if roots begin to crowd.
Health: Highest Vitamin A
2500 True Breeding Seeds