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Grandpa Admire's Lettuce Market Size
Germination days: 6
Grow days: 60
Planting depth: 0.25"
Spacing: 9.0"
Seeds per pound: 440000
Seeds per Ounce: 27500
When to plant: Early Spring, Late Summer
How to grow: Start in flats or direct seed. Fertile, composted soil that's loose, not too acid, well-drained, and in good tilth with adequate nitrogen and moisture promotes fast growth and best flavor. In hot climates plant on east side of tall plants or buildings to eliminate hot afternoon sun, or use shadecloth. Bred for intense heat - slow bolting. If pkt has been stored above 85 degrees, refrigerate 1 week for better germination. Plant every 2 to 3 wks for continuous harvest. 300 seeds.
3000 True Breeding Seeds