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Dark Star Zucchini Squash Market Size
Germination days: 7
Grow days: 52
Breeder: Bill Reynolds and Dr. John Navazio
Variety Info: If there is one stand out among all the great varieties offered here, it would have to be this exceptional zucchini. It is the result of another breeding project between Dr. John Navazio (formerly of the Organic Seed Alliance) and dedicated organic seed grower Bill Reynolds. This glossy, deep green, faceted zucchini was designed with the organic market grower in mind. It was made possible by the unusual dry-farm conditions on Bill's river bar produce farm. As he selected over the years, the mostwell-adapted plants developed a deeper root system. The resulting plants are about 1/3 larger than the select hybrid varieties commonly grown by produce farmers, and 1/3 more productive. The plants have an open habit, for easy picking, and the leaf stalks are sturdy and nearly spineless, for less scarring of fruit. -Steve Peters
Planting depth: 1.5"
Spacing: 15.0"
Seeds per pound: 2720
Seeds per Ounce: 170
When to plant: Late Spring, Summer
How to grow: Start seed in flats or pot (up to a month before last frost date indoors). Carefully transplant seedlings 18" apart after threat of frost has past. Mulch can help even out soil moisture, but where squash bugs are a problem, mulch will give them hiding places on the stems and surrounding soil helps against squash bugs. We don't recommend over head watering of squash plants as water on the leaves tends to create mold. Harvest young for fresh use or large for drying.
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