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Eel River Melon Market Size
Germination days: 8
Grow days: 90
Place of origin: Northern California
Breeder: Heirloom Re-Selected by Bill Reynolds
Variety Info: A regional favorite, this special melon was developed originally by the infamous Bear Jones of Shively, in Humbolt County, California. As the story goes, Bear's cousin brought some melon seeds back from his stint in Japan after World War II. The so-called "Jap Melon" was delicious, but had an unfortunate tendency to go soft at the stem end of the fruit. Bear crossed it with a popular OP muskmelon, which improved it by adding surface netting. At some point it attracted the attention of another seed saver in the area, who did his own improvements and sold it as the now locally famous "Crane Melon" which is similar, but not identical to our Eel River Melon. Bear entrusted the seed to his neighbor Bill Reynolds, who added more genetic diversity, firming it further, and perfecting this sweet, creamy, aromatic, delectable, peach-like melon. This is dry-farmed on his river bar farm. It is reliable and productive in the field. Highly recommended! -Bill Reynolds
Planting depth: 0.5"
Spacing: 15.0"
Seeds per pound: 12800
Seeds per Ounce: 800
When to plant: Late Spring, Early Summer
How to grow: Young seedlings need steady temperatures of 70 degrees. Doesn't transplant well so start in pots. Plant out 15" apart after all frost danger is past in sunniest, warmest part of garden, possibly in a cold-frame. Prepare soil with compost, mulch well. Keep well-watered until fruit set, then reduce. Planting with radish & basil, or using row cover until flowering begins, prevents cucumber beetles which cause damage & introduce viruses
Harvestinfo: 4-5 lbs per Melon
250 True Breeding Seeds