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Stella Blue Squash Market Size
Germination days: 7
Grow days: 100
Breeder: Heirloom ReSelected by Bill Reynolds
Variety Info: Our all-time favorite winter squash! This Hokkaido or Kabocha-type Maxima, a type highly prized in Japan, often used in tempura. Stella Blue has richly flavored, dense, dry sweet flesh, with a texture reminiscent of roasted chestnut. It is the perfect size for a family dinner, and, with pale slate blue skin and deep orange interior, makes a dramatic presentation. Long vines produce 4-5 mature squash, averaging about 7" in diameter and 4" high. -Bill Reynolds
Planting depth: 1.5"
Spacing: 15.0"
Seeds per pound: 1664
Seeds per Ounce: 104
When to plant: Late Spring, Summer
How to grow: Transplant seedlings 15" apart after frost is over or direct-sow when soil is warm. Amend soil with ample amounts of compost or decomposed manure. Diatom dust on the stems and surround soil helps against squash bugs (use drip watering or water in one spot only, to leave dust in place). Harvest before heavy frost or when stems are dry. Leave 1" stem. Best flavor after 1 month or more of curing indoors.
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