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Sweet Lorane Fava Bean Market Size
Germination days: 12
Grow days: 80
Place of origin: Oregon USA
Breeder: Alan Adesse
Variety Info: This variety was originally developed from a purple bell bean by plant breeder Steve Solomon. He specifically selected for winter hardiness and sturdiness. He also discovered that there was a better flavor in the occasional seeds with a lighter green hilum (the small scar that is the seed equivalent of a belly button). At that point, Alan Adesse, an experienced organic seed farmer from Oregon, took over the breeding project. Within just a few years of hard selection, he developed this excellent, hardy, high-yielding edible fava bean. We recommend this versatile variety...still a great cover crop as well as a tasty, high-protein food! Plants benefit from trellising but it can be grown unsupported as well.
Planting depth: 3.0"
Spacing: 8.0"
Seeds per pound: 800
Seeds per Ounce: 50
When to plant: Fall, Winter, Spring
How to grow: Sow favas around first frost date in zones 7-9, or earlier if ground normally freezes. Mulch is helpful, but be watchful for slugs. Zones 3-6, plant in spring as early as the ground can be worked. The best stands are sown 3 inches deep, but can also be broadcast if well raked in. Use Garden Combo inoculant for best results. best growth and frost-resistance of they have organic matter in the soil, and seaweed products as supplements. Frost-resistant to 10 degrees Fahrenheit.
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