Bushelbasketgourd img 3257
Bushelbasketgourd img 3257
Bushel Basket Gourd


Farmer Grown by Emerald Spirit Botanicals in inland Mendocino County, California

Germination days: 8
Grow days: 120
Variety Info: Grows large basket type gourds that are dried to make large baskets and decorations.
Planting depth: 1.0"
Spacing: 24.0"
Seeds per pound: 1600
Seeds per Ounce: 100
Growing culture: Full Sun garden soil. Lagenaria Siceraria.
When to plant: Spring, Early Summer.
How to grow: Either start seeds early in heated greennouse or direct sow the seeds when the soil has warmed in spring.
Harvestinfo: Produces large gourds up to 3 feet in diameter.
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