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Popaver img 0602
Magenta Beauty Poppy - Papaver Somniferum

Deep Magenta Pink Bread Seed Poppy with double peony flower.

Farmer Grown by Emerald Spirit Botanicals in inland Mendocino County, California

Grow days: 78
Place of origin: Mendocino County
Breeder: Emerald Spirit Botanicals
Variety Info: Beautiful large Pink Magenta flowers with plump pods. Used Traditionally by many people all over the world. This Papaver Somniferum has been grown and bred by Emerald Spirit Botanicals for almost 10 years selecting for a vigorous healthy seed stock, with the double peony flower and this wonderful Pink Magenta color. ### Very similar to the famous Black Beauty Poppy though this one is a wonderful Magenta Pink. Poppy seeds are a delicious food enjoyed by many cultures. Poppy Seeds are a rich source of thiamin, folate, Vitamin E, and several essential minerals, including calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and zinc. Poppy Seeds are 21% protein and are an oil seed containing 42% fat on average.
Planting depth: 0.0"
Spacing: 8.0"
Seeds per pound: 896000
Seeds per Ounce: 56000
Growing culture: Sow seeds outside in fall and winter and early spring with the rains.
When to plant: Fall, winter, spring with the rains
How to grow: Grow in rich garden soil for beautiful large flowers and pods. Also can be grown without fertilizer in native soil.
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