Corno di torro pepper img 3202
Corno di torro pepper img 3202
Corno Di Toro Pepper

Juicy Italian Cuisine Pepper

Farmer Grown by Emerald Spirit Botanicals in inland Mendocino County, California

Germination days: 14
Grow days: 75
Place of origin: Italy
Variety Info: Traditional Italian sweet and spicy pepper. Tasty eaten raw, grilled, stuffed, fried, baked, roasted.
Planting depth: 0.5"
Spacing: 12.0"
Seeds per pound: 64000
Seeds per Ounce: 4000
Growing culture: Rich well draining garden soil will produce a vigorous upright growing pepper plant.
When to plant: Early Spring, Spring, Early Summer, Summer
How to grow: Direct sow then the soil has warmed. Cover and keep moist and warm or start indoors with warmth. Once sprouted keep warm and in the light.
Harvestinfo: 70 days to green, 80 days plus to ripe red 6 - 8 inch peppers.
80 True Breeding Seeds