Farmer grown by Motherland Botanical Sanctuary

Strong and Sweet Medicinal Food

Grow days: 55
Variety Info: Unique Asian Medicinal Root, used for cooking soups. Health promoting. High in vitamins and minerals including a rich source of B6 and Magnesium
Planting depth: 0.5"
Spacing: 6.0"
Seeds per pound: 35200
Seeds per Ounce: 2200
Growing culture: Likes a well drained garden soil, it will grow most anywhere.
When to plant: Spring
How to grow: Direct sow in the spring and harvest when they are ready soon after planting with a 55 day grow window. Germination times will vary depending on soil temperature.
Taste: Cooked in traditional soups or cook like carrots.
Harvestinfo: The roots are harvested for medicinal foods.
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