Organic festivity sweet corn 04 large
Organic festivity sweet corn 04 large
Festivity Sweet Corn

Farmer Grown by: Long Valley Feed in Laytonville, CA.

Grow days: 85
Place of origin: Oregon
Breeder: Jonathan Spero
Variety Info: "Aptly named, Festivity is a celebration on a cob! A winner from the deft hand of breeder Jonathan Spero, this is an F7 hybrid selection made by crossing Anasazi with Tuxedo. He then selected the best off-spring over seven generations, and now offers this stabilized hybrid which, while slightly variable, is open-pollinated and can be grown from your own saved seeds. Festivity presents a beautiful range of colors at the sweet eating stage, which only intensify as the ears mature. White, yellow, pink, red, and blue kernels make this a treat for the eye as well as the palette. Fine eating quality at both the milk and roasting stages.'s like unwrapping a gift every time!" -Steve Peters
Planting depth: 1.5"
Spacing: 15.0"
Growing culture: Developed in Oregon, this variety was created for growers with cool, low-fertility soils, in higher latitudes. It is somewhat cold-tolerant and open-pollinated. The multi-stalked plants often bear 3-4 ears per plant. It should be tried in the northern parts of the country, and areas of higher elevations.
When to plant: Spring, Summer
How to grow: Direct sow when the soil is warm, or start indoors early with heat.
Harvestinfo: 12 to 16 rows of kernels on 7-8" ears that may be as much as 2" in diameter. Expect plenty of variability in color
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