Huerfano Bliss Melon

Sold Out for 2021

Farmer grown by: Hobbs Family Farm, Avondale, CO

Grow days: 90
Place of origin: Southeastern Colorado
Variety Info: Cucumis melo. Huerfano Bliss is a fantastically delicious orange honeydew, nearly unknown outside of its ancestral home in southeastern Colorado. "Last summer we spent a delightful day at at Open Circle Seeds farm in the Potter Valley in northern California. This is a region famed for its melons. Our hosts had grown over 100 different varieties in a huge trial. This melon was their very favorite of all! Ours, too. It is fantastic!" -Steve Peters
Planting depth: 0.5"
Spacing: 15.0"
Seeds per pound: 13600
Seeds per Ounce: 850
When to plant: When the soil warms
Harvestinfo: Produces oval 5-6" fruits weighing about 5 pounds. Best for local markets.
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